Life is a Choice

Life is like a movie that showed scene by scene. We can get a new value and more knowledge from every part of it.


bingung memilih

So do with the ‘Devils Wear Prada’ launched at 2006, five years ago. This movie used to be popular with Anna Hatheway and Merryl Strepp as the main actress. Anna acted as Andrea, a secretary of a rich director of famous Prada Magazine who acted by Meryl. Andrea did her job with a half of heart. There is two reason of it. First, she has to be fast learner while she new in her job. Second, she has to do what her boss told in every moment without looking her condition. Every morning, before her boss come in, a glass of star buck’s coffee have to be provided in her table.  When she come in, directly, Andrea has to take care her boss’s mantel throwed in any places.  After that, she has to answer the phone correctly without any wrong of word. First of all, the boss did what she want perfectly, because there is Andrea, who will do all the job.


One day, when Andrea take a coffee break with her dad, her phone was rang, and her boss ordered to canceling ticket of her trip occasionally, because the bad weather. And after that, she felt guilty with his father because their time was bothered by job, and job again. And the same when Andrea with her boy friend, all of accidentaly jobs had killed her enough time.


Finally, Andrea realize that  relationship with her family and the other close people in her life is more important then career. What’s the meaning of career if it will be destroy her mankind life? And the important thing if it should take her self value.


Our life choice is walking through the same with our heart. When we can work conviniently and comfortly without stressed and hurt feeling, that is our choice. Because our heart always choose the right way.  Our life choice is when we dont have to throw out and release all of our inner value.


Life is a choice, what we will gone be and where do we go?




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