Tips to Write




Definitely, everybody can write, as we know everybody  can read. Write and read has a correlation too. But, write not as simple as write. Because in writing, there is some step which have to do continuously. But, form here, if we think that writing is hard, writing is needs some step and some process, it is wrong. So, makes write simple and easy.


There are some tips to makes write is easy :


  1. Use right brain first

Usually,  when we write, we think too much. We think this word is wrong, this word is not available to tell, then we erase what we’ve wrote. And after couple of hours, there is no writing we’ve done! This thinking is from our left brain, So, just use the right brain that makes you enjoy, free from any barrier. Don’t afraid that what you’ve wrote is wrong. Just write without revise.

  1. Write every day as it will make it

Writing is like driving. We can drive fluently because we always drive. From habit, its makes us usual to do. Then we call it easy ways. So do with writing. When we always write, we’ll find our last writing is different from our beginning. Practice makes perfect.

  1. Don’t burdened by some writing’s rule and theories.
  2. Read a lot.

You are what you read. We can write from what we’ve read. Book is basic material to build our mind. If you read a lot of books, it makes you easy to explore your ideas. Then, full your brain with ideas from books then you can write anything fluently.

  1. Write your experience
  2. Obviously, every body have experience. In school, there are story between us and our friend. In work, we have interesting story about our new job, and so on. Life is a story to tell, then tell it with writing.
  3. Spent your time in writing

Usually, we always talk ”We don’t have time to write” So spent it! Because, our busy is never stop. Every day we always busy with anything. Work in office from 9 to 5 had takes our time daily. And after we going home, we already tired and take some rest. Tomorrow, we busy again and again. There is no time if we didn’t spend some time to write. So, use your time between your working time or at rest time. It take no longer, as just 5- 10 minutes is already enough to write a story.

The most important we have to remember is, we don’t have much time in life.


Life is too short, as we’ll die. Make it we are going to die just in moment, so we have to do our writing project directly to share with other. This is what Steve Jobs, Apple do. He always remember dying before write.



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